Newport, Rhode Island, RI, commercial dog photographer, advertising photographer specializing in dogs, animal photos, cats, horses, people with animals

Newport, Rhode Island commercial dog photographer, specializing in studio pictures of dogs, cats, horses, people with animals

Now just a doggone minute! Look who's here!

Tiny and briny. That's Newport, RI from this New Yorker's perspective. But I haven't been here all that long.

After twenty-four fabulous years in the heart of NYC, a family thing drew me back to Minneapolis for a year.

That year is over and I'm back east.

Why Newport? I rented a summer house here in 1997. If the next ten years can be anything like that summer, this'll be a good choice.

So why are you here on my web site? Interested in a photo session of your dog? Your kids and your dog? You and your dog?

Or maybe I create an amazing portrait of just you?

Two brindle pit bull mixes pose for a studio shot.

Now that's a stare not be messed with!

Two brindle pit bulls pose for Koren Reyes photography

Two brindle pit bulls look off-camera at Koren Reyes photography

It's a great day to go for a walk in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Ellie Mae and Bri go for a walk at the new Target Field

Australian cattle dog, Ellie Mae, goes for a stroll at Target Field. Great places to take dog pictures and pet portraits

Ellie Mae strolls by a warehouse in the hip and cool North Loop in downtown Minneapolis, MN

We have lots of brick and giant warehouse doors in the North Loop. Is Ellie Mae a bandit up to something sneaky?

Ellie Mae strolls through the North Loop in downtown Newport, RI. Australian cattle dog portrait on the streets of Newport, RI

Ellie Mae is a very Minneapolitan kind of Australian cattle dog

We like the blue and yellow of the Newport, RI Light Rail trains, although we thought there was a whole lot more yellow than white!

Portrait of an Australian cattle dog with Newport, RI Light Rail train in the background in the North Loop, downtown Newport, RI