Commercial animal photographer Koren Reyes for advertising, editorial photos of animals, especially dogs

Iconic photo of cattle dog or blue heeler with big ears Iconic photo of jumping, fluffy Bichon de Frise Iconic close-up of two huskies with blue eyes Iconic black and white photo of show dog white Schnauzer Iconic pit bull with cute head tilt tight headshot Tight headshot of bully breed on gray background Fluffy, older ginger dog Headshot of cute Yorkie terrier Super cute photo of Cavalier King Charles mix dogs with red bows Melt your heart cute picture of Puggle puppy on blue background Portrait of older Boston terrier dog lying down in studio Funny portrait photo of Chihuahua dog wearing bat wings in studio White shepherd mix dog headshot Older Bichon de Frise studio portrait on dark background Miniature horse portrait Shepherd mix tight headshot Studio portrait of long-haired white Chihuahua on gray background Mutt with cute large ears pointing to the middle Funny jumping Dachshund Portrait of Dachshund looking up Sweet headshot of older mutt Beautiful gentle black lab portrait Studio portrait of show dog Portrait of deaf, white mutt with eyes closed Studio portrait of American Cocker spaniel Iconic photo of four-month old Frenchie French bull dog black with white chest Studio portraits of two American Cocker spaniel brothers Studio portrait of two Shih-tzus on gray background